Losing Weight, Gaining Strength

My journey to a healthier me via exercising, and eating less.

Fast Lane

My progress this week was on the fast track with a total loss of 4 pounds! It was so exciting to see 165! I literally feel SO LIGHT! Not only do I feel light, but I feel healthy, and energized, and happy.

As of today I have lost 42 pounds. And, I’m proud to say these pounds were lost without any fad diets, or crazy exercise regimens. Just a lot of healthy changes that are leading me to a wonderful place in my mind and body! I’m excited about whats still ahead!


I’ve been making breakfast a priority lately. I just haven’t been hungry in the mornings and there are other things distracting me from eating (my 10.5 month old.) But, I’m making time for it, and my motto is ‘better late then never!’

My go to’s recently have been:

  • homemade green shake (yogurt, almond milk, spinach, berries, and honey) and toast -I use Alvarado St. Bakery Essential Flax Seed Bread – at 50 calories a slice and zero flour its my #1 bread!
  • plain FAGE greek yogurt with berries and molasses
  • scrambled eggs (1 whole egg and 2 whites), spinach, and toast, oh and hot sauce!

These meals fill my tummy and satisfy my taste buds. So, what is your go to meal in the morning?


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2 thoughts on “Fast Lane

  1. Hey there! Just stumbled upon your blog on Pinterest so I thought I’d drop a line. I am going to have to try that bread, zero flour souds wonderful! I recently got some multigrain Quinoa and have been eating that with vanilla greek yogurt and berries. And that is a great morning meal! Way to go!! Keep up the great work!

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