Losing Weight, Gaining Strength

My journey to a healthier me via exercising, and eating less.

A Little Competition is All I needed

My husband decided to sign up for a half-marathon taking place in September. He’s been mildly following my eating habits and has lost a little weight himself (25 lbs). He doesn’t have as much as I do to lose, but I’m so glad he has made decisions to live a healthier lifestyle. He hasn’t always been interested in exercising often so I was surprised and excited when he told me about the race. 

As I was trying to dig myself out of my slump I watched as he started his own journey, training for this half-marathon. He mapped out a 3 mile route to start out on and by his second run he had already improved on his time. 

Something inside me clicked. I’m naturally quite competitive, and seeing him take on this challenge made me want to join in on the fun. I won’t be running a half-marathon, I’m not there mentally, and I just don’t feel pulled in that direction at this point, maybe later! But, I do need to kick up my cardio to help shed the rest of this weight. And, wouldn’t it be fun to beat my husbands 5k time? Yes, yes it would! 

So, as of now I’ve done the 3 mile route twice. And its definitely a love/hate thing. I’m basically fighting with myself the whole time. Yet, when I’m done the rush is incredible, and I feel quite accomplished. I’m starting out slow, and I’m trailing behind my husband by 10 minutes or so. There’s a huge chance I may never beat him, but I’m glad I had the gall to try, because now I’ve discovered I CAN run.

In the recent past I have tried running by using the couch to 5k program and became easily bored, and to my surprise, it was because I could already run a 5k, albeit slow. 

I’m running a 12 minute mile give or take a few seconds right now. So, my first goal will be to get that to a 10 minute mile. Then, I’ll think about increasing distance. 


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2 thoughts on “A Little Competition is All I needed

  1. i am always so in awe (and a wee bit envious) of people who run!
    you will be @ 10 minute mile in NO time!!


  2. I’m inspired. on a journey myself. will keep coming here for inspiration! ❤

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