Losing Weight, Gaining Strength

My journey to a healthier me via exercising, and eating less.

Confessions of a Lost Mama

I’m here to admit I got terribly lost. I lost my passion, my motivation, my excitement to continue on the journey.

I’m sure you have heard the term “to live in the moment.” Its a great concept and sound reminder to appreciate and treasure the life, family, and blessings you have right NOW. But, for me, it knocked me off the tracks. I stopped envisioning my goal and I started to really think one day at time. I began to let old habits fall in to place while ignoring the future consequences.

I let the daily stresses take over me. I had lots ( lots and lots ) of late night snacks. I stopped taking advantage of the daily opportunities to be active.

I used to look at those people in the media who lost a ton of weight only to gain it back a short time later and think, how could they do that! How could they get so far only to let themselves go again! I know the answer to that now, I can clearly see how it happens.

I went to bed last night thinking “what has become of me?” When did my flame burn out? When people say I inspired them I feel ashamed at the lack of progress I have made. I have been waking up most mornings hating what I’ve done the day before. I feel angry and disappointed in myself.

I’m here to release that negativity and turn it in to determination. I’m here to remember how far I HAVE come. How much I was able to accomplish. To bring my future and my goals to the forefront of my mind again and let them motivate my daily actions.

I refuse to fall back into a self-pitied, depressed, and un-happy person. I REFUSE.

The difference between the me now and the me that began this journey then, is I KNOW I am capable. How powerful, huh? I don’t need to wonder if I can do this, I know for a fact that I can. And I WILL.

I hope you haven’t given up on me…because I will never give up on myself!


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10 thoughts on “Confessions of a Lost Mama

  1. littlerunnergrl on said:

    I’ve been where you are. And still struggle with finding the motivation on a weekly basis. But when I see how far I’ve come in one year it gives me the strength to keep pushing forward. You can get back on track, and we are here to listen and support you. Good luck!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I am there with you. I stopped having a plan every day and I got way off track. The struggle is knowing that it will take a painful two weeks to get back to where I was…just not craving junk and craving exercise.
    So here we go. 🙂

  3. Love and admire you!

  4. Gina Weeks on said:

    Thank you Desiree I am feeling the same thing. I am stuck for the last few months. You have been encouragement to me today love you.

  5. Danielle on said:

    Love the honesty Des! So many of us wake up with that I-hate-what-I-ate-last night feeling. Proud of you!

  6. Elizabeth on said:

    Love it! You do KNOW! You’ve shown the whole world what you are capable of and we know to look out, cause Des has set her mind to it! Proud of you and so happy to have gotten to know you through this journey!

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