Losing Weight, Gaining Strength

My journey to a healthier me via exercising, and eating less.

Wake Up and Smell the…..Oatmeal!

At first, I didn’t want to weigh in until I had a few weeks of healthy living under my belt again. But, I think part of my re-awakening and continual healing in this process is knowing the truth and being honest with myself. And the honest truth is, I probably wouldn’t be surprised at the number I see on that scale. I know what I’ve done the past 2 months, I know how my lifestyle has affected my body. So, weighing in is good! It will be my jumping off point and it will inspire my determination. 

I bet you’re waiting for the results huh? Well, ladies and gentlemen, after 2 months of careless eating and low-activity I have gained 7.7 pounds. 

Does that totally suck!? Yeah, like…a lot. Is it the end of my world? No. Its a reminder of how EASY it is to go back and how much harder I’m going to work to avoid that, for the rest of my life! Life is hard, its time to wake up and realize that. Staying fit and healthy is hard. 

But you know what? I’m smiling right now, because I know the secrets. I know how to fix this. I’m going to go eat my oatmeal for breakfast, drink my green tea, attend a Pilates class, and LIVE


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2 thoughts on “Wake Up and Smell the…..Oatmeal!

  1. Lisa Choate on said:

    You go, girl!

  2. Your journey has inspired me. I just have no clue where to start I’m so mad at myself for getting in this shape. Advice for how to motivate myself? Keep doing what you are doing!

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