Losing Weight, Gaining Strength

My journey to a healthier me via exercising, and eating less.

Here I am

I’m five days in to my second go at making a permanent change in my eating habits and physical activity. I have every intention of reaching my goals and maintaining them by adjusting my lifestyle for good.

I would like to open up to this process in honor of my imperfections. Without spending too much time dwelling on went wrong the first time around I believe I may have a grasp on why I failed to follow through. My strive to perfect the “science” of losing weight and getting fit seems to have been my downfall. For several months I limited myself and denied myself of all types of food. I did not make exercise a priority, nor did I make it fun. Beyond that, I let the stresses of life and my struggle with depression creep in and destroy my state of mind. I also tried to fit my journey into the box of other peoples journeys. I compared, and envied, and felt inadequate trying to measure up to other peoples fitness aspirations. Ultimately I decided I wasn’t strong enough and I let my old habits return and my efforts go to waste.

Moving forward I embracing the fact that this is MY journey. It’s not going to look the same as anyone else’s. My main goal is to enjoy life and feel good and be healthy while doing it. Yes, I’m watching my calories but I am not adhering to any strict nutritional rules. I’m listening to my body. I’m exercising in ways that I enjoy. Sometimes that includes a workout video, or some strength training, or most often a hike or walk with my boys. I’m making it a priority to be active daily but I’m working hard at not making it feel like a chore.

Some days I’m going to celebrate. I’m going to have that glass or two (or three) of wine, or I’m going to eat that slice of cake. But I’m not going to feel bad about it because it’s life.
And life is good. And sometimes cake feels good. (I don’t even like cake but you catch my drift.)

My goals may take months or years, but my life and love and happiness is now. That’s what I’m choosing. However that looks or evolves overtime is my choice as long as it fuels my body and mind in a healthy way.


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2 thoughts on “Here I am

  1. Lisa Choate on said:

    Please, please, please continue this blog, Des. Not only are you a writer I enjoy reading, but I resonate with everything you just wrote! I like your approach to Desiree, Part 2 and I think I might incorporate a little into my new year / routine as well! xoxo, Lisa

  2. Caryl Patrick on said:

    You go, Girl. 🙂 God threw out the cookie cutter as He made each of us, so it only makes sense that different styles/methods would benefit us each uniquely. The best to you as you discover what’s the best route for you. 🙂

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