Losing Weight, Gaining Strength

My journey to a healthier me via exercising, and eating less.

Keep on Keeping on…

My weight loss journey slowed down during/after the holidays. And, so did my blogging, sorry! I got out of my groove. I did well during the week with counting calories, but, on the weekends there were gatherings and food, and I didn’t pay enough attention.

I’m definitely back in my zone now.

I joined a weight loss competition centered around the new Biggest Loser season. There is a cash prize at the end for the highest percentage of body weight lost, and a $20 dollar buy in. Its really a great motivator. It keeps me accountable to my actions or lack there of.

The first weigh in was this past Wednesday. I hit the scale at 170. Which puts my current total at 37 pounds lost.

Some exciting milestones I am looking forward to in the next couple pounds:

* Being in the 160s

* BMI lowering to “overweight” instead of “obese”

I hope everyone out there on their own weightloss journeys are seeing success! I’m off to get filled in on all of YOUR blogs.


Weighing In

Oh man, I can’t help myself! I cannot stop from weighing in. I rely on the results to keep myself accountable. I can’t live without that weekly update. It keep me honest with how I ate during the week, and how hard I worked.

That being said, I had an AMAZING week,  and the scale showed it. I worked out 4   times, and I had my eating under control. I felt great about stepping on the scale.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my 171 pound self. I have lost 36 pounds in about 4 months.

You heard right. THIRTY SIX POUNDS!

I’m half way to my goal!

Thank you everyone for the love an support!


Back To Business

I had a 1 lb gain this last weigh in. I was expecting it. After Thanksgiving I was having a really hard time getting my cravings and hunger under control. The sugar from the sweets has really messed with my head and body, and was leaving me thirsting for more. Throughout the week was also rough because we had not gone grocery shopping and I was surviving on the bare minimums in the pantry and freezer. The calories were probably 200-300 in excess each day. To top it off I attended a birthday party with lots of yummy food and drinks, and I didn’t really hold back in my celebrating.

I felt gross. My head ached. My body felt sluggish and bloated. I’m definitely done with that little drop off the wagon! I don’t want to feel like that again. I’ve resolved to stay off the sugars, even at celebrations and special occasions. The sugar messes me up and makes me extra hungry, grumpy, and plagued with cravings.

On Sunday we went grocery shopping and refilled our home with delicious healthy food that fills my belly and keeps me on track. I’m back to counting every calorie, and I’m feeling much more in control. I feel better about Christmas time festivities in the future because I have a strong desire to NOT feel like I did last week. I’m also going to put off weighing myself for about a month as to not get discouraged from the detour I made with my diet.

Here’s a little sample of my breakfast menu this week:

This Morning's Breakfast

Tis the season…

I’m back from a posting hiatus!

Thanksgiving and family gatherings were consuming most of my time these past couple weeks. My willpower was tested like never before, and in some cases I failed. But, for the most part I feel like I succeeded in being aware of my eating habits and making smart choices. I enjoyed myself and indulged within reason. I rounded out the week with a two pound loss, which was relieving, but I expect to see any damage done at this next weeks weigh in.

I think the biggest thing I struggled with is not knowing the exact calories in the food that was before me. I like to be in control in that aspect, so, there was a lot of guesstimation. All the estimating made me feel overwhelmed and a bit anxious.

I need to plan better for parties and outings where there aren’t exact numbers available. Any tips or suggestions here would be appreciated.

How did you feel about your choices this past week? Are you ready for the Christmas in the near future?


I’ve needed to remind myself lately why I am doing this. Its too often that I look in the mirror and even after a loss of 29 pounds I don’t see what I like, or want to see, and I feel discouraged. But, in reality my vanity should be the last reason for doing this. Lets take a refresher course!

I need to get healthy inside and out because:

  • I want to be able to keep up with my kids
  • I want participate in sports again
  • I want to teach my kids good habits in eating and exercising so they don’t have to struggle with weight
  • I want to see my grandkids, and great grandkids
  • I want to grow old with my husband, hand in hand
  • I don’t want food to control my life
  • I don’t want to hide
  • I don’t want to be depressed
  • I want to LIVE!

These reasons have so much more value then HOW I look.


This past week I weighed in at 178 with a total weight loss of 29 pounds! If things go as planned I should hit 30 pounds at my Monday weigh in. Can’t wait to book my pedicure!




Do you watch The Biggest Loser? I do. Do I love it? No, but I watch it anyways. That show has a way of pulling the ugly cry out of me. They sure love to edit the sob stories to their full potential don’ t they?

As I am on my own weight loss adventure I am wondering how many contestants gain the weight back. Of course, you only hear from people that keep it off and truly change, but what are all the other stories? I mean, duh, its easy when one is on TBL ranch to lose weight. Its their only focus, their only responsibility. They have these kick-butt trainers working them out non stop. What happens when you go home, and life kicks in? I know some contestants “get it”, and when they go home they continue with the life-skills they learned. But, its hard not to believe that some people live in this fantasy weight loss world, then get home to be shocked by reality and fall back into old habits.

There is no easy fix. There is no magic diet. Bob Harper isn’t in my face telling me to work harder, go further. That would be nice right?  I can be my own cheerleader though. I can tell myself to take one more step, eat one less bite, run one more minute. Push myself to my my so called limits, then push a little harder. Sure, I can’t work out all day, but when I do workout I can workout to my full potential. If I can be the best me, success is inevitable.

I do appreciate the message of The Biggest Loser. We need to get healthy as a society. We need to stop letting our emotions, our pasts, and other people control us and keep us from being all that we can be. We need to make the choice to change.

Like I said, I don’t LOVE the show. Some of the products they advertise are the opposite of healthy (Yoplait Light? yuck). And, I hope people watching can see the difference in being on the show and real life. But, its sure neat to see the contestants transformations and relate to their new hope in life as healthier people inside and out. I just hope it sticks!

I Heart Running

I got incredibly bored with 30 Day Shred. I used to rave about it, until I did every day. Sure, its an awesome work out but doing the same thing every day just isn’t working for me! Boredom = no motivation.

Instead of a meeting with Jillian Michaels today, I met with the road, and ran. I re-started the couch to 5k program, and prayed that I could get through it this time without injury!

I rocked it. Really. When I did Week 1 Day 1 a few months ago it was rough, I was just counting down the seconds to each running session. Today, I wanted to go further, and I was counting down the seconds to the walking sessions! What a change. I thought about skipping ahead to the week I left off at, but, I’m kind of feeling OCD about starting at day 1 and completing the program in its entirety.

So, I’m admitting it here. I like running. I never thought I would say that. I used to say I hated running. I think that was because I never did it right. I went out there and just started running all fast and crazy and got immediately fatigued, and quit. I didn’t gradually work up a pace or ease into it all, so it felt horrible. That’s why I love the C25K program! Its a perfect for the beginner and it makes me love running.


I weighed in today with a loss of 1 pound!



Veggies. I know I need them. They are filled with vitamins and minerals. They are low in calories, and high in fiber. So, why do I have such a hard time consuming them on a regular basis? I wouldn’t call myself picky, I will try almost anything once. And, I will eat most vegetables served to me. But, eating them on daily is hard.

When I began eating healthier my main goals were no fast food, no pizza, no white flour, less sugar, etc.. Now that I am at a good place with food I would really like to incorporate more vegetables in my diet.

Fruit has been easier to stick to because its on the go food. You can just grab a plum, or orange, or banana, and be done! Veggies aren’t so simple…there’s more preparation that goes into eating them. Having an 8 month old baby that requires A LOT of attention doesn’t always give me time to make a yummy salad or steam some broccoli. I’m ready to allow time for this now though, and make eating more vegetables a priority.

We started as a family with some vegetables that we know we like. Every week we buy cucumbers, bell peppers, and butter lettuce for salads. I’m not getting tired of these, but I wouldn’t mind some variety.

So, I’m reaching out! What veggies do you incorporate into your daily/weekly nutrition? What is your favorite way to prepare them? I need some help!


25 Pounds!

I had my weigh in on Monday, and to my surprise I had a 3.7 loss for the week. Although my exercise plans have wavered I have been sticking to my calorie goals and apparently its paying off.

Honestly, the exercise has been a challenge! I have missed several days, but I committed to “finishing” the 30 Day Shred DVD and I plan on accomplishing that, even if it takes me 3 more weeks! Because I have subbed in some of my other workout DVDs in lieu of doing the 30 Day Shred on a few days I’m about a week behind.

I feel stronger and like I am making progress. I can feel the gained muscle and leanness in my lower body. Its really encouraging to see my body changing the way it is, each milestone makes me want to work even harder at reaching my goal.  Speaking of goals, here are my mini goals for the month of November:

1. Finish 30 Day Shred

2. Lose 5 more pounds – hitting the 30 pound mark means a manicure!

3. Drink more water – I have not been drinking enough water lately.

5. Eat more vegetables – can I live off of cucumbers and bell peppers?




As the holidays are fast approaching I’ve been doing some inner coaching to prepare myself for the endless amount of food I am sure I will come in contact with. My main goal is to maintain healthy eating habits all the way through the new year. With family gatherings and parties this isn’t the easiest of tasks. In my current day to day life staying on track is fairly easy. We rarely eat out and we only buy healthy groceries. I’m sure most people would be bored if they viewed my “menu”, but I thrive off of the predictability. My cravings and temptations are reduced greatly when I know what is ahead.

I don’t believe in depriving yourself. I feel like a little indulgence of some kind is healthy. Which is why calorie counting works best for me. During my weight-loss journey I do have to limit the treats to extreme moderation. Yesterday, though, I found myself feeling guilty when I ate a few pieces of Halloween candy. Even though I was within my calories for the day I was feeling like I had upset all of my progress. A friend kindly put me in my place with these words “not allowing yourself any indulgences gives food the power. If food can taunt you, it controls you.” How true is that. The silly thing is, I was still in control. I didn’t eat the whole bag, I didn’t even exceed my calorie limit. I’m really not sure exactly why my mind went to that place, but, I do know that its something I need to figure out, work on, and be aware of.

Which brings me back to the holidays in the near future. I need to have control, but I also need to be flexible. Here are some things I would like to focus on during the holiday season:

Drink water instead of alcohol or other beverages.
Saying “No Thank You”, and not feeling bad about it.
If I choose to have a treat or dessert, taking three slow bites and that’s it.
Learn more about true portion sizes.
Avoid cheese.
Plan extra cardio workouts during weeks with events.

I’m confident I will continue to LOSE weight during this season if I can practice my self-control and keep my eye on the “prize”. Anyone have any other tips for this time of year?

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