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Confessions of a Lost Mama

I’m here to admit I got terribly lost. I lost my passion, my motivation, my excitement to continue on the journey.

I’m sure you have heard the term “to live in the moment.” Its a great concept and sound reminder to appreciate and treasure the life, family, and blessings you have right NOW. But, for me, it knocked me off the tracks. I stopped envisioning my goal and I started to really think one day at time. I began to let old habits fall in to place while ignoring the future consequences.

I let the daily stresses take over me. I had lots ( lots and lots ) of late night snacks. I stopped taking advantage of the daily opportunities to be active.

I used to look at those people in the media who lost a ton of weight only to gain it back a short time later and think, how could they do that! How could they get so far only to let themselves go again! I know the answer to that now, I can clearly see how it happens.

I went to bed last night thinking “what has become of me?” When did my flame burn out? When people say I inspired them I feel ashamed at the lack of progress I have made. I have been waking up most mornings hating what I’ve done the day before. I feel angry and disappointed in myself.

I’m here to release that negativity and turn it in to determination. I’m here to remember how far I HAVE come. How much I was able to accomplish. To bring my future and my goals to the forefront of my mind again and let them motivate my daily actions.

I refuse to fall back into a self-pitied, depressed, and un-happy person. I REFUSE.

The difference between the me now and the me that began this journey then, is I KNOW I am capable. How powerful, huh? I don’t need to wonder if I can do this, I know for a fact that I can. And I WILL.

I hope you haven’t given up on me…because I will never give up on myself!

A New Me

I’m obese.

I became obese when I was pregnant with my first son over seven years ago. I put on about thirty more pounds over those seven years. After having my second son seven months ago, I decided I had lived long enough in this obese body.

I’m done.

I’m done losing my breath walking up our short set of stairs. I’m done not fitting into the clothes I want to wear. I’m done looking in the mirror and seeing someone I don’t recognize staring back at me.

I have no more excuses.

I don’t need that second helping of food just because we’re celebrating Mom’s birthday. I do have time to fit in a short workout every day. I don’t have to let my emotions control me. I could blame it on my anxiety, depression, lack of time, but those are all excuses.

I was lazy.

The real problem is I just chose to not care. I chose food. I chose to sit. I made these choices that resulted in the body I carry around today. It really is that simple. I’m not broken, I have my legs, I have my sanity.

I changed.

Approximately two months ago I made the decision to change. I just did it. It was that simple. I care. I don’t want to be fat. I want to have energy. I want to feel good.

I started counting calories. And I started the Couch to 5K program. Unfortunately, two weeks in, I started having knee pain. Then, I broke my toe. This halted my exercise plans. But, I kept on tracking my food intake. My toe is healing, but my knees are still not having it. So, I’ve moved on to other ways of exercising. I’m trying to do something active everyday, and workout five times a week.

I succeeded!

Here I am now – 17 pounds lighter. I feel amazing. I’m more motivated then ever to reach my goals. It is easier every day to make the choices that are transforming my body and mind into a healthier place.

Join me.

I’ll track my weight here (you can always find my current weight updated weekly on Mondays in the footer), record my goals, and journal my struggles. I would love for you to take this journey with me. Find inspiration in my successes. Be motivated to make your own changes. And, it wouldn’t hurt to throw me a high five for encouragement every now and then.

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